Mayco Midrange Guide

Mid-Range Firing Guide
Many Mayco glazes can be used at  higher temperatures successfully.  We  have provided each color’s performance  under the following testing conditions:  application of 3 coats of glaze on a  stoneware buff body, fired to cone 6  (1222°C / 2232°F). We recommend  testing under your conditions before  using in your work.  For more information  on mid-range performance including  surface characteristics, movement and recommended number of coats, visit our  website at

Stroke & Coat®

SC-1 Pink-A-Boo Lightens

SC-2 Melon-choly Slightly darkens

SC-3 Wine About It Strongly lightens to a lavender

SC-4 Salsa Strongly lightens

SC-5 Tiger Tail Fades to a light olive green

SC-6 Sunkissed Slightly lightens

SC-7 Leapin’ Lizard Slightly lightens

SC-8 Just Froggy No change

SC-9 Jaded Slightly lightens

SC-10 Teal Next Time No change

SC-11 Blue Yonder Slightly lightens

SC-12 Moody Blue Slightly lightens

SC-13 Grapel Lightens to a faded lavender

SC-14 Java Bean Lightens to a reddish-orange brown

SC-15 Tuxedo No change

SC-16 Cotton Tail No change

SC-17 Cheeky Pinky Fades to pale pink/white

SC-18 Rosey Posey Fades to a dull pink

SC-20 Cashew Later No change

SC-22 Carrot Top Fades to light melon

SC-23 Jack O’Lantern Slightly lightens

SC-24 Dandelion Lightens to a light dull yellow

SC-25 Crackerjack Brown  Lightens to a slightly darker  red-orange brown

SC-26 Green Thumb Slightly lightens

SC-27 Sour Apple Slightly lightens to pale lime

SC-28 Blue Isle Slightly lightens

SC-29 Blue Grass No change

SC-30 Blue Dawn Lightens to a dull slate blue

SC-31 The Blues No change

SC-32 Bluebeard No change

SC-33 Fruit of the Vine Slightly Lightens

SC-34 Down to Earth No change

SC-35 Gray Hare Slightly darkens

SC-36 Irish Luck No change

SC-37 Ivory Tower Slightly lightens

SC-39 Army Surplus No change

SC-40 Blueberry Hill Changes to a dark lavender

SC-41 Brown Cow Slightly lightens

SC-42 Butter Me Up Slightly lightens

SC-43 Lettuce Alone Slightly lightens

SC-45 My Blue Heaven No change

SC-46 Rawhide Slightly lightens

SC-48 Camel Back Lightens to a caramel brown

SC-50 Orange Ya Happy Slightly lightens

SC-51 Poo Bear Fades to a greenish-yellow

SC-52 Toad-ily Green Slightly lightens

SC-53 Purple Haze Lightens to a powder blue

SC-54 Vanilla Dip Slightly lightens

SC-55 Yella Bout It Slightly lightens

SC-58 501 Blues No change

SC-60 Silver Lining No change

SC-65 Peri-twinkle No change

SC-70 Pink-A-Dot Color drastically fades similar to an off white

SC-71 Purple-licious Turns dark blue

SC-72 Grape Jelly Turns dark blue

SC-73 Candy Apple Red No change

SC-74 Hot Tamale No change

SC-75 Orange-A-Peel No change

SC-76 Cara-bein Blue No change

SC-77 Glo-Worm No change

SC-78 Lime Light No change

SC-79 It’s Sage Slightly darkens

SC-80 Basketball No change

SC-81 Cinnamon Stix Slightly lightens to a dull red

SC-82 Tuscan Red Slightly lightens to medium-dark red

SC-83 Tip Taupe No change

SC-85 Orkid Fades to light purple

SC-86 Old Lace No change

SC-87 Ruby Slippers Lightens to a dull neutral red

SC-88  Tu Tu Tango No change

SC-89 Cutie Pie Coral No change

SC-90 Elephant Ears No change

SC-91 Seabreeze No change

SC-92  Café Ole Slightly lightens

SC-93 Honeydew List No change

SC-94  Curry Around No change

SC-95 Pinkie Swear Drastically lightens

SC-96  Aqu-ward Slightly lightens

SC-97 Cant-elope No change

Speckled Stroke & Coat®

SP-201 Speckled Pink-A-Boo Slightly lightens

SP-205 Speckled Tiger Tail Lightens to olive green

SP-206 Speckled Sunkissed Lightens to bright yellow

SP-209 Speckled Jaded Slightly lightens

SP-210 Speckled Teal Next Time Darkens to forest green

SP-211 Speckled Blue Yonder Slightly lightens

SP-212 Speckled Moody Blue No color change

SP-213 Speckled Grapel Slightly lightens

SP-215 Speckled Tuxedo No change

SP-216 Speckled Cotton Tail No change

SP-223 Speckled Jack O’Lantern Slightly lightens

SP-226 Speckled Green Thumb No change

SP-227 Speckled Sour Apple Slightly lightens

SP-231 Speckled The Blues Slightly lightens

SP-237 Speckled Ivory Tower Slightly lightens

SP-241 Speckled Brown Cow Lightens to med. brown

SP-245 Speckled My Blue Heaven Slightly lightens

SP-253 Speckled Purple Haze Turns medium blue

SP-254 Speckled Vanilla Dip No change

SP-260 Speckled Silver Lining No change

SP-270 Speckled Pink-A-Dot Color nearly fades away

SP-274 Speckled Hot Tamale No change

SP-275 Speckled Orange-A-Peel No change

SP-277 Speckled Glo-Worm No change

SP-288 Speckled Tu Tu Tango Slightly darkens


FN-001 White No change

FN-002 Yellow Slightly lightens

FN-003 Orange No change

FN-004 Red No change

FN-005 Pink Slightly lightens

FN-006 Blue No change

FN-007 Green Slightly lightens

FN-008 Brown No change

FN-009  Black No change

FN-010 Tree Green No change

FN-011 Light Blue No change

FN-012 Lavender Lightens

FN-013 Light yellow No change

FN-014 Antique White Slightly lightens

FN-015 Brick Red Lightens to medium red

FN-016 Harvest Orange Slightly lightens

FN-017 Purple Lightens to medium blue

FN-018 Bright Blue Slightly lightens

FN-019 Dark Blue Lightens to cobalt blue

FN-020 Medium Green Slightly darkens

FN-021 Olive Green Slightly darkens

FN-022  Tan No change

FN-023  Cinnamon Slightly darkens

FN-024 Gray No change

FN-025 Raspberry Whip Fades to light lavender

FN-026 Salmon Mousse Lightens

FN-027 Glade Green Slightly lightens

FN-028 Wisteria Purple Fades to light purple

FN-029 Rich Chocolate Lightens to

FN-023 Cinnamon

FN-031 Corn Flower Blue No change

FN-032 Canton Jade No change

FN-033 Mediterranean Teal No change

FN-034 Big Sky Blue Slightly lightens

FN-035 Deep Red No change

FN-036 Grape Slightly lightens

FN-037 Chartreuse Slightly lightens

FN-038 Sand Slightly lightens

FN-039 Light Gray Lightens

FN-040 Pumpkin Slightly lightens

FN-041 Medium Blue No change

FN-042 Teal Blue No change

FN-043 Bright Jade Slightly lightens

FN-044  Yellow Orange Slightly lightens

FN-045 Taupe Slightly lightens

FN-046 Sage No change

FN-047 Light Pink No change

FN-048  Bright Pink Color nearly fades away

FN-049   Flamingo No change

FN-050   Coral No change

FN-051   Strawberry No change

FN-052   Tangerine No change

FN-053   Mint No change

FN-054   Pistachio No change

Foundations® Sheer

FN-201 Golden Clear No change

FN-202 Yadro Fades to a clear pale green

FN-203 Dry Champagne Turns clear grayish-green

FN-204 Mudpuddle Brown Turns clear olive green

FN-205 Saddle Tan Turns tan clear

FN-206 Lemon Ice Fades to clear

FN-207 Orange Slice Burns out to a dull pink

FN-208 Crystal Coral Fades to clear

FN-209 Floral Pink Fades to clear

FN-211 Sheer Blue Lightens

FN-212 Blue Diamond Lightens

FN-213 Saffire Blue Lightens

FN-214 Pastel Jade Fades to slight green, Pits on every coat

FN-216 Sea Glass Fades to clear

FN-220 Sooty Grey Fades to faint smokey green

FN-221 Milk Glass Fades to clear

FN-222  Indigo Turns to a cobalt blue

FN-223 Amethyst Light blue

FN-224 Key Lime Fades to clear

FN-225 Watermelon Fades to light coral

FN-226  Squash Blossom Slightly lightens

FN-227  Celery Fades to clear

FN-228  Slate Gray Turns bluish-sage

FN-229  Iced Mocha Fades to light olive green

FN-230  Poppy Turns light milky coral

FN-231  Clearly Jade Turns sage

Foundations® Matte  (all turn to a gloss finish)

FN-301 Marshmallow White Slightly dulls

FN-302 Ivory Cream Green tint

FN-304 Black Velvet No change

FN-305 Milk Chocolate Slightly lighten

FN-306 Pumpkin Tart No change


UG-1 Kings Blue Slightly darkens

UG-2 Sea Blue Slightly lightens

UG-3 Baby Blue Slightly darkens

UG-10 Crimson Lightens to UG-92 Lilac

UG-19 Electra Blue Darkens to a teal

UG-21 Leaf Green Darkens to a light forest green

UG-22 Spring Green Darkens to a pea green

UG-30 Sand Lightens

UG-31 Chocolate Lightens to a teddy bear brown

UG-32 Cocoa Becomes milky and slightly matte

UG-34 Chestnut Brown No change

UG-46 Bright Yellow No change

UG-50 Jet Black No change

UG-51 China White No change

UG-53 Silver Grey Blues

UG-57 Spice Brown Slightly dulls

UG-58 Harvest Gold Slightly brightens

UG-67 Ivory No change

UG-68 Apple Green fades to mint

UG-72 Wedgewood Blue Slightly darkens

UG-82 Tucson Turquoise Slightly darkens

UG-85 Orange Sorbet Slightly darkens

UG-87 Regal Purple Turns grape purple/Slightly darkens

UG-90 Green Mist Darkens to a spearmint green

UG-91 True Teal Turns a teal blue

UG-92 Lilac Dulls

UG-93 Wild Violet Deepens to a blue-purple

UG-94 Pansy Purple Deepens to a dark blue

UG-97 Bright Blue Deepens to a medium blue

UG-100 Terra Cotta Lightens to a basketball brown

UG-146 Pink Pink Slightly darkens

UG-198 Dark Grey Lightens to a taupe

UG-203 Squash Slightly lightens

UG-204 Orange No change

UG-206 Fire Engine Red Slightly darkens

UG-207 Flame Red Darkens to UG-208 Dragon Red

UG-208 Dragon Red Slightly darkens

UG-209 Jade Color deepens

UG-210 Forest Green Slightly darkens

UG-213 Cinnamon Lightens to a brick red


EL-101 Oyster Shell Turns creamy mint green

EL-103 Sea Spray Turns a milky white/light jade

EL-106 Tidal Pool Mottled milky jade w/ brown chunks

EL-107 Amber Ash Turns speckled variegated gold/blue

EL-110 Mudslide Turns dirty dijon w/ dark brown breaking

EL-111 Ruby Creek Mottled caramel with dark brown chunk

EL-112 Tornado Sky Turns gold-brown w/ dark brown specks, Opaque

EL-113 Spanish Moss  Turns dark olive cascade - Breaks w/ brunt  orange accent

EL-117 Waterfall Turns burnt orange w/ olive cascade

EL-118 Blue Grotto Turns dark brown

EL-119 Burnished Steel Turns mirror black w/ hints of dull frost

EL-120 Black Ice Slight change with iridescent finish

EL-121 Copper Adventurine  Turns dark brown w/ copper float- Sparkles remain

EL-122 Malachite Turns glossy sage

EL-123 Patina Turns glossy rose w/ seafoam green frosting

EL-124 Stormy Blue Turns beige w/ blue frost

EL-125 Sahara Sands Mottled olive/brown with milky float

EL-127 Rose Granite  Deep amber with gold-where heavier pink  and purple hues 

EL-128 Wheat Turns dijon w/ beige float

EL-129  Slate Turns dark brown w/ lighter brown and blue cascading

EL-130 Sea Green Turns olive green w/ blue-green mottling

EL-131 Turtle Shell Turns olive green w/ blue-green mottling

EL-132 Rust Red Turns chestnut brown

EL-133 Autumn Turns chestnut brown w/ gold cascading

EL-134 Mirror Blue No change

Mid-Range Firing Guide
EL-135 Rare Earth Turns muddy brown

EL-136  Lapis Lagoon Turns transparent forrest green

EL-137  Black Adventurine Turns dark brown w/ burnished cascading

FN-215 Aztec Jade Lightens to a yellowish-green

FN-217 Evergreen Fir Turns a mottled brown/green

FN-218 Green Sapphire Darkens to forest green

FN-219 Lustre Green Turns olive green

EL-138  Desert Canyon Darkens to a deep brown

EL-139  Nectar Slightly lightens

El-140 Toasted Almond Lightens to a creamy white

EL-141 Aged Bronze Brown lightens w/mottled tan

EL-142 Grass Slightly darken with blue mottling

EL-143 Cactus Flower  Turns to amber with blue & green pooling in texture

EL-144 Dark Amethyst  Turns to dark olive green with blue pooling in texture

EL-145 Ginger Root  Turns to amber with blue and green pooling in texture

EL-146 Rain Cloud Turns beige with gray mottling

EL-147 Creek Bed Turns olive green with blue pooling in texture

Elements™ Chunkies

EL-204 Glowing Embers  Base glaze turns caramel - Crystals shrink turn dark brown

EL-205 Jade Pebble  Base glaze turns gold - Crystals turn gray-brown & move

EL-207 Gold Mine  Base glaze turns jade w/ burnt orange chunks - Crystals turn green

EL-208 Moss Creek  Base glaze turns rust red w/ olive cascade/ Crystals fade

EL-209 Night Sky Turns a dark muddy brown/Crystals fade

Pottery Cascade

PC-601 Clear Cascade Clear with a slight tint of light blue PC-602 White Cascade Clear with white float

Jungle Gems™

CG-707 Woodland Fantasy  Turns medium brown w/ Crystals turning to an olive green

CG-713 Peacock Green Turns olive green - Crystals fade

CG-716 Pagoda Green  Turns gold brown - Crystals orange with  blue/purple halo

CG-717 Pistachio Turns mint green with faded crystals

CG-718 Blue Caprice Base glaze lightens and crystals flow together

CG-722 Seawind Crystals flow and slightly fade

CG-750  Noel Crystals fade and run

CG-753 Sassy Orange Crystals fade and run

CG-756 Firecracker Base glaze boils - Crystals fade

CG-772 Sand Petal  Base glaze glosses and boils - Crystals remain and expand

CG-779 Black Opal Base glaze boils - Crystals lose shape and fade

CG-780 Mystic Jade Base glaze fades - Crystals turn gold and move

CG-783 Strawberry Sundae  Base glaze turns orkid - Crystals turn  seafoam green

CG-785 Royal Fantasy  Turns blue w/ purple mottling-Crystals disappear

CG-786 Obsidian  No change to base glaze - Crystals fades and turn blue

CG-788 Dutch Enamelware No change to base glaze - Crystals fade

CG-795 Yadro Print  Base glaze turns to transparent olive green -  Crystals fades

CG-798 Black Iris  Base glaze no change and boils - Crystals  turn white

CG-954 Wildfire Base glaze no change - Crystals fade

CG-958 Lagoon Blue Base glaze no change - Crystals fade

CG-961 Evergreen  Color darkens - Crystals fades and cascades,  Semi-Transparent

CG-962 Blue Azure  Color fades and turns mottled blue/jade- Crystals turn golden

CG-963 Lemon Lime Color remains - Crystals fade

CG-964 Kaleidoscope Color fades - Crystals fade

CG-965 Mocha Marble  Base glaze turns transparent olive green - Crystals fade

CG-966  Tiger Lilly Base glaze fades/Crystals fade

CG-967 Green Agate  Base glaze fades w/ light blue cascades - Crystals fade

CG-968 Peppermint Twist Base glazes fades to white - Crystals fade

CG-969 Floral Fantasy  Base glazes turns to violet w/ purple and  blue float

CG-970 Masquerade Base glaze no change - Crystals fade & cascade

CG-971 Purple Cosmos  Base glaze turns transparent violet - Crystals  turn brown

CG-972  Dragon’s Breath Base glaze turns brown/olive gold - Crystals fade

CG-973 Alligator  Base glaze turns dark green and glossy -  Crystals fade

CG-974 Bloomin’ Blue  Base glaze turns to olive w/ blue cascading -  Crystals fade

CG-975 Sky Diamonds Base glaze no change - Crystals turn green

CG-977 Ink Spots Base glaze no change - Crystals bleed

CG-978 Arctic Splash White crystals fade

CG-979 Meadows Color fades

CG-980 Coral Puff Color fades

CG-981 Fruity Freckles  Color lightens  - Crystals fade

CG-982 Mixed Melon Base glaze and crystals fade

CG-983 Koi Pond Blue Darkens, orange and yellow crystals fade

CG-984 Lady Bug No change

CG-985 Monet’s Pond  Base glaze turns grayish-blue; green crystal fades

CG-986 Smoke & Fire  Base glaze turns blue-green; all but red  crystal fade

CG-987 Tree Frog Base glaze darkens - Crystals fade

CG-988 Fireflies  Base glaze turns blue-green; all but yellow crystal fade

CG-989 Fruit Punch Base glaze lightens - Crystals disappear

CG-990 Starry Night Base glaze darkens - yellow crystal remains

CG-991 Mountain Moss Base glaze fades to pale green

CG-992 Mint Chip Green darkens; black and brown specks flow.

CG-993 Lavender Sprigs Purple changes to a golden and cream color

CG-994 Field & Flowers Green darkens; black and brown specks flow.

CG-995 Foggy Mist Fades to yellow and white with gray specks.

CG-996 Spring Rain Fades to a light yellow and blue

S-2701 Peacock Eyes Crystals fade and cascade

S-2702 Northern Lights Base glaze fades - Crystals fade and cascade

S-2703 Berryberry Pie  Base glaze fade - Crystals turn green & specks cascade

S-2704  Plum Jelly  Turns blue - Crystals disappear, blue specks remain & cascade

S-2708  Oriental Carmel Base glaze lightens - Crystals fade and cascade

S-2709 Cappuccino Mint  Base glaze lightens to golden brown -  Green crystals fade

S-2711  Tahiti Grape  Base glaze lightens - Crystals turn gold & specks remain

S-2712  Monsoon Seas  Base glaze darkens w/ greenish hue-Crystals turn blue-green

S-2714 Herb Garden Base glaze fades - Crystals fade & cascade

S-2715  Spotted Kiwi  Base glaze no change - Crystals cascade  into glaze

S-2716 Celestial Blue  Base glaze no change - Crystals cascade  into glaze

S-2718  Cosmic Black  Base glaze lightens to cream clear -  Crystals turn blue-green

S-2723 Grape Divine Base glaze lightens - Crystals turn yellow

S-2724 Lotus Blossom Base glaze lightens - Crystals darken

S-2725 Safari Base glaze turns olive green - Crystals move

S-2726 Cheetah Base glaze no change - Crystals cascade

S-2727 Poppy Fields Base glaze no change - Crystals cascade

S-2729 Citrus Splash Base glaze no change - Crystals lighten


SG-701 Star Dust Specks turn brown and begin to flow

SG-702 Celebration   Specks begin to flow