Mica Infused Terra Sigillata-Green Blush CAC

Mica Infused Terra Sigillata-Green Blush CAC

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Mica Infused Terra Sigillata brings unique sheen, sparkle, and color to terra sigillata. Inspired by Naked Raku innovators Kate and Will Jacobson and developed by CAC’s Joe Brecha, our “Mica Sig” enhances the naturally beautiful surface quality of terra sigillata. To our OM4 white terra sigillata, we add various colors of mica pigment to create a rainbow of metallic and blushing interference colors.

Metallic Mica colors have a brilliant sheen and are true to color even when fired up to cone 04. They are specially coated to yield a metallic appearance. Fine particle colors give a more opaque glistening sheen and the coarse particles sparkle more.

Interference Micas appear almost white but with a blush of color. They come to show their true colors when there is something black or dark under them. This makes them ideal for any smoke firing process where reduction smoke adds black to the clay surface. Interference Mica flakes are created by coating mica with titanium and then coating with tightly controlled layers of various oxides. Finely ground flakes yield silky lustrous colors and coarse particles add sparkle and brilliance.

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