Brilliant Orange Cerdec-Degussa Mason Stain

Brilliant Orange Cerdec-Degussa Mason Stain Laguna 239616

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Contains: Zr Si Cd S Se

Encapsulated Zirconium-Cadmium-Selenium Stains from the world leader in ceramic color technology. These stains enable you to achieve colors that are not possible with traditional stain blends. Inclusion stains 'encapsulate' microscopic particles of otherwise unstable colors into zirconium crystals. These crystals do not melt into the glaze and therefore isolate the cadmium against leaching. Glazes employing these stains should not be ball milled. Higher stain percentages are require to achieve bright colors.

***Note: Contains ingredients that are encapsulated: organic material has been burnt out to retain color intensity.
Add 3% zirconium opacifier for intense color.

Available in 1/4, 1/2 or 1 lb. quantities.