Iron Red Cone 10 Dry Glaze Laguna WC-556

Iron Red Cone 10 Dry Glaze Laguna WC-556

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This glaze is a member of the Tenmoku and Kaki family of glazes. It is a rich, red semi-gloss glaze which has some mottling. The brightest color is achieved over porcelain or white stoneware in oxidation firing. Dark clay bodies or reduction firing tend to make this glaze redblack. Iron Red does not lend itself to some oxides in decoration.

This cone 10 glaze contains no lead and are safe for food and beverage containers when properly fired.

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Laguna recommends testing all glazes on test tile with your clay body before use in art or production. Test fire all glazes in your kiln and your firing environment before using in production. Photographic reproductions may differ from actual colors.