Private Lessons with Suzanne

Private Lessons with Suzanne

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Why take a private lesson from Suzanne? Suzanne studied ceramics at Pennsylvania Governors school of arts at Mercyhurst University in 1992. She then returned to her home in rural Pennsylvania to apprentice and study ceramics with Jack Troy at Juniata College. She dug her own clay and spent Semesters stoking the Anagama kiln fires. Suzanne received a BFA in painting and ceramics with a K-12 teaching certificate from Boise State University in 1999. She has attended multiple professional practice workshops and academies. Her work has traveled to international shows and exhibitions as well as museum exhibitions.

In ceramics Suzanne loves to obsessively create drinking vessels. A clay cup that meets lip and hand with care is important to Suzanne. She also explores clay surfaces to paint on, small sculpture infusing basalt from the rocks she climbs, and enjoys pressing clay into her palm to recreate delicate flower petals of clay. Clay connects Suzanne to the earth in every aspect of creation and through her grounding work she feels it sends ripples of positivity into her community. 

Get one on one private pottery lessons with Suzanne an expert potter. Please email Suzanne at She should get back to you within 2 business days. Her availability is as follows:

Monday-Friday: Open

Saturday: Open

Sunday: Open

 ***All private lessons have a 72 hour cancelation window. Cancelations not in the 72 hour window or no-shows are non-refundable.***