Smoothset (DRY) Kiln Cement 2500 Degrees Air Dry, Laguna

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Use with firebrick and insulating firebrick. Air setting. Maximum service temperature 2900°F.

Maximum service temperature, degrees F: 2900
Type of brick: IFB
Lb required brushing coat 100 sq. ft. 20
Recommended water % for trowel 29
Recommended water % for dipping 50
50 lbs of dry mortar for troweling x 29% water = 14.5 lbs of water

Recommended Manufacturers Mixing Instructions:
  • Mix the water and dry mortar for 5 minutes, using a paddle mixer with at least 45 RPM.
  • Place in an airtight container overnight (12 hours or more). This is required in order to have the correct strength and plasticity.
  • Open container and if necessary mix in more water to get desired consistency (troweling or dipping).